Calpers Funds in Full Compliance

Remember when Calpers released the list of firms which did not voluntarily comply with their placement agent disclosure request?  It was a bit scandalous because non-compliance carried the unfortunate connotation that there was something to hide. The list included eight private equity and venture capital firms, which we promptly called, only to learn that most of them had, in fact, complied.

It’s not clear where the mix-up occurred in every instance, but Calpers has announced that 100% of the firms are now in compliance and have submitted forms detailing their placement agent usage while securing commitments from the pension fund. So the following firms are officially vindicated:

EnerTech Capital, Fenway Partners, GTCR, Information Technology Ventures, Markstone Capital, Pinnacle Ventures, Ripplewood and TSG Capital

You can download their forms below.

EnerTech Capital

Fenway Partners


Information Technology Ventures

Markstone Capital (part 2)

Pinnacle Ventures

Ripplewood Holdings

TSG Capital

You can view the hundreds of forms from the rest of Calpers’ investments here and here.


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