Carrick Capital Partners appoints Mendoza as special advisor

Investment firm Carrick Capital Partners has appointed Tom Mendoza as a special advisor to the firm. Mendoza is the vice chairman of NetApp. He joined NetApp in 1994 where he was responsible for worldwide sales until 2000.


Carrick Capital Partners, LLC, an investment firm focused on operationally scaling growing businesses that provide software and technology-enabled services, today announced that Tom Mendoza has become a Special Advisor to the firm.
“Tom has an unparalleled reputation for business leadership. He established the culture that has earned NetApp numerous awards, including the #1 position in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For,” explained Jim Madden, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Carrick Capital Partners. “I’ve worked with Tom for the past few years and have witnessed his superior understanding of how to develop a go-to-market strategy, what the sales structure should look like and how to motivate a sales team. Many of Carrick’s portfolio companies are in the same stage as NetApp when Tom joined and scaled the company so successfully.” Marc McMorris, Carrick Capital Partners Co-Founder and Managing Director, added “The team at Carrick is thrilled to be able to provide our portfolio companies with his additional expertise and perspective, and to apply his insights to our own growth strategy at Carrick.”
Tom Mendoza is the Vice Chairman of NetApp. He joined NetApp in 1994 where he was responsible for worldwide sales until 2000. During this time NetApp grew from 0-$1B in revenue. Promoted to President in 2000, Tom helped lead the company through the dotcom bust, and was named Vice Chairman in 2008. Since the beginning of his tenure with NetApp, Tom has been instrumental in developing and nurturing NetApp’s globally recognized culture.
Tom speaks frequently about leadership and corporate culture to diverse groups including The United States Marine Corps, West Point, the Mossad, CIO forums, Oracle’s Leaders Circle, and Stanford University.
In 2009, he was the co-recipient with NetApp Chairman Dan Warmenhoven of the Morgan Stanley Leadership Award for Global Commerce. Tom earned a B.A. from Notre Dame, and is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program. In September 2000, Notre Dame renamed its business school the Mendoza College of Business after an endowment made by Tom and Kathy Mendoza.
“I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Jim Madden and Marc McMorris for the past few years and have an appreciation of their work scaling and investing in growing tech-services companies,” said Mendoza. “Carrick works with some very promising portfolio companies. I’ve seen firsthand the impact Carrick’s approach has had on these businesses and their management teams. I’m eager to contribute to this process going forward,” he added.
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