Catalyst commits $10 mln to restructuring education program

Canadian private equity firm Catalyst Capital Group plans to invest a minimum of $10 million in the education of insolvency and corporate restructuring professionals. It has committed an initial $2.5 million to the law school of London, Ontario-based Western University to develop a program covering both students and professionals. Newton Glassman, founder and managing partner of Catalyst, said the firm believes it is “part of our responsibility to support the education of all stakeholders in this critical area of Canada’s credit markets.”


Catalyst Capital Group to invest $10 million in insolvency and restructuring education

Western University first recipient of funds to develop world-class educational programs

TORONTO, Nov. 6, 2015 /CNW/ – The Catalyst Capital Group, Canada’s second-largest independent private equity firm and a world leader in distressed investing, is embarking upon a program to invest a minimum of $10 million in the education of insolvency and corporate restructuring professionals. Western University’s law school will receive the first donation from this program, which is aimed to improve the sophistication of education in a field that has become essential to Canada’s economy.

“Canada’s credit markets — and high-yield markets in particular — have grown dramatically since the great recession, making it essential to enhance education for insolvency and restructuring professionals,” said Newton Glassman, Founder and Managing Partner of the Catalyst Capital Group. “A properly functioning insolvency and restructuring system can turn around businesses, improve efficiency, protect and attract capital, and save jobs — while bringing value to investors. Canadian professionals get too little education in this critical field, and that is where Catalyst aims to help.”

For its first contribution, Catalyst selected Western Law, which in turn committed to develop an ambitious program covering both students and professionals in insolvency and corporate restructuring. Catalyst has initially committed up to $2.5 million for Western to develop academic curricula, recruit distinguished lecturers and scholars, support scholarships, awards and internships, hold educational events for students and provide continuing education for practitioners and the judiciary.

“There is a need in Canada to expand the knowledge and capability of those involved in complex financial restructurings, and better clarify the roles, rights, obligations and contributions of all stakeholders to the sector,” said Iain Scott, Dean of Western Law. “This generous gift will allow our faculty to enhance its research, teaching and student experience, while increasing dialogue among practitioners and the judiciary in this important area of law.”

Catalyst’s donation to Western Law is only the beginning. The firm is making a public commitment to donate at least $10 million for insolvency and restructuring educational and research initiatives in Canada.

“For Catalyst, it’s a privilege to work in this field, and to be known around the world for the success of our funds,” Glassman said. “We consider it part of our responsibility to support the education of all stakeholders in this critical area of Canada’s credit markets.”

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Photo courtesy of Western University