Catalyst unveils real estate PE fund

Catalyst Capital Management has launched its new real estate private equity fund. No target was specified for Catalyst Capital Fund LLC. The fund will back affordable workforce housing in Florida.


MIAMI, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Catalyst Capital Management, LLC (Catalyst) today announced the launch of its new real estate private equity fund, Catalyst Capital Fund, LLC (the “Fund”).

The Fund is taking a direct aim at the shortage of quality, affordable workforce housing in Florida’s fastest growing counties, where demand is high but affordable housing stock is limited due to historically low housing starts and prohibitively high costs of land and construction.

The Catalyst Capital Fund is uniquely positioned to take advantage of opportunistic residential assets and execute its social impact strategy to create jobs, improve target zoned neighborhoods and to generate strong risk adjusted returns for our Investors.

The Fund is managed by Catalyst Capital Management, LLC, a Miami Florida based, investment management company. Catalyst’s focuses on what it believes is a disciplined strategy the objective of which, it is to redevelop affordably priced homes in supply-constrained urban-infill markets throughout Florida. Catalyst is managed by a fully integrated team of professionals with over of 65 years of experience in the Florida real estate market.

Catalyst believes the historically low housing starts will continuing to put pressure on affordable priced homes in high growth counties in Florida.
Andres McBeth, Catalyst Managing Partner, said: “We put families in homes…Period!” -The demand for entry of level priced homes, creates a pre-heated market for our assets- it’s a compelling risk/reward proposition.” Our fund structure matches our target assets- short duration, high velocity- it’s a perfect fit, for short term-oriented investors in today’s market environment.”

Catalyst believes that affordably priced residential 1-4 units has an overall lower degree of operational risk than other asset classes. Catalyst opportunistic strategy has a distinct advantage over ground up construction with lower cost and faster time to market.

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About Catalyst Capital Management LLC
Catalyst Capital Management, LLC is a boutique private equity investment firm located in Miami, Florida. The firm and its affiliates manage the Catalyst Capital Fund, LLC. The fund acquires, rehab and sell residential 1-4 family units through the top ten growth Counties in Florida. Our uniquely experienced management team has specialized, deep market experience to source compelling opportunities, and a proven history of delivering above market risk-adjusted returns for our investors, partners and clients.