Cernium Adds $10 Million

Cernium Corp., a Reston, Va.-based developer of video analytics-enabled products, has raised $10 million in new VC funding from Lurie Investments.

Cernium Corporation, the leading developer of video analytics enabled products, announced today that it has received $10 million in new funding from Chicago-based Lurie Investments, LLC. The company will use the investment to further expand its growing suite of branded and private-label products to deploy practical, cost-efficient solutions for physical security, business intelligence and video content distribution.


“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Lurie Investments,” said Craig Chambers, president and CEO of Cernium. “Our investors support our vision and commitment to bring analytics-enabled products into the commercial and consumer mainstream.”


“Cernium's seasoned leadership team knows how to exploit technology to deliver market-shifting products. We're confident in their success and stand behind their vision for the brand,” said Bill White, executive vice president of Lurie Investments.


Cernium's analytics engine, P-Core