Chrysalix Teams with Robeco

Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital and European asset manager Robeco have formed a joint venture to invest in European companies focused on green energy and climate mitigation technologies. The effort has an initial capitalization of Euro50 million, and is expected to grow to more than Euro100 million next year. Limited partners include DELTA NV and Essent NV, while the fund's independent management team is led by Rene Savelsberg, who previously led the corporate venture arm of Philips.


Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, a leading global investment firm focused on clean energy technologies, today announced that it is joining forces with Robeco, a leading European asset manager, to invest in Europe's fast-growing cluster of clean energy and climate mitigation technologies.

The new joint venture, Sustainable Energy Technology Venture Partners, powered by Chrysalix and Robeco B.V. (SET VP), manages the Euro50 million in startup capital of the SET Fund and will focus on European companies developing technologies that accelerate the deployment of clean energy and reduce climate risk. The SET VP portfolio will include supply-side solutions like biofuels, wind and solar power, and hydrogen production; mitigation technologies like greenhouse gas capture and other pollution reduction techniques; demand-side energy efficiency technologies; and enabling technologies, such as smart grid and energy distribution networks.

“As the clean energy and climate mitigation industries continue to globalize, experience and domain knowledge will rule the day for investors looking to support these emerging technologies,” said Wal van Lierop, Chrysalix president and CEO. “By creating SET VP, which will tap into Robeco's extensive European network and deal flow, Chrysalix has gained a trusted partner and access to information in a critical market sector. Our portfolio companies and our existing partners in North America will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this new relationship.”

Launched by limited partners DELTA NV and Essent NV, the SET Fund is expected to grow to more than