CoinNess raises series A funding

CoinNess said it raised a series A round in the “millions of dollars” range, led by ShunWei Capital, QF Capital, and FreesFund. Coinnet, a blockchain information platform, provides crypto/blockchain news, market data, and community, to more than three million users.


HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Asia’s largest blockchain information platform CoinNess just closed its Series A round funding calculated in millions of dollars, led by Chinese leading venture capital ShunWei Capital, QF Capital, and FreesFund.

Fundraising amid a persistent “crypto winter” merits more credits. Peter TAN, CEO of CoinNess, commented that “The new inflow of funding proves nothing but two. One, blockchain is no sharp break from traditional industries, where long-term investors champion promising start-ups. Secondly, CoinNess has adequately proven itself within the past year and will continue its triumph saga in the next five to ten years to be an industry-leading company in the blockchain/crypto sphere.”
CoinNess delivers services of three dimensions: crypto/blockchain news, market data, and community, to more than three million users. Vast user base has guaranteed CoinNess the laurel crown as top crypto-related App throughout the year of 2018. CoinNess is a platform to channel in Internet traffic claims a prominent place throughout the entire industry: connecting users and galvanizing transactions, and hence making itself a premium resource of massive transaction traffic. TAN takes a step further to explore the idea of connectivity, saying “We never intend to construct a whole industry chain on our own, but rather we value the role as a connector, a user-centric connector. To put in context, for crypto investors, we connect them to the other end of the services – exchanges and asset management institutions.”
Applications of crypto news, community, and market quotations are rich in number, as well as in their niche features. While pursuing its intensity of user concentration and streamline delivery of standardized products, the ultimate objective for CoinNess is to revolutionize the exchange of value across a global space, making it easier and more accessible. They have made plan to build a global ecosphere of all blockchain participants including projects, exchanges, investor and so on.
Within the past year, CoinNess has upgraded its services and products navigating around the cryptocurrency investment decision and retains No.1 by market share in both China and South Korea. CoinNess protests against the hidebound mindset and now marches into a broader market, targeting English-speaking customers as top priority in the year of 2019. Once another chapter of success is written, CoinNess shall bear on the envision and thrives to cater to a more diversified userbase around the world.