Coro Mining unveils $46.7 mln financing plan backed by Tempo

Vancouver-based copper mining company Coro Mining Corp (TSX: COP) has launched a $46.7 million financing plan that includes a $13.2 million investment by Tembo Capital, a U.K. mining private equity firm.

Tempo has also agreed to provide a stand-by guarantee for a forthcoming $33.6 million rights offering.

Additionally, Greenstone Resources, a U.K. mining private equity firm and Coro’s majority shareholder, will convert a US$2 million loan into equity.

As a result of the share issues, Greenstone’s interest in the company will drop to 55.6 percent from 63.5 percent, while Tempo will assume a 14 percent stake.

Coro said the proceeds will be used to repay debt and acquire properties and fund exploration and expansion at its flagship Marimaca copper project in Chile.


Coro Announces Comprehensive CAD 46.7 million Financing Plan

Completed Private Placement and Launches Sub-Guaranteed Rights Offering

August 7th , 2018 – Coro Mining Corp.(“Coro” or the Company) (TSX Symbol: COP) announces today a CAD 46.7 million (approximately US$36 million) financing plan, comprising of a closed premium non-brokered CAD 13.2 million (approximately US$10 million) private placement (“Private Placement”) with an entity of the Tembo Capital private equity group (“Tembo Capital”) and a forthcoming CAD 33.6 million (approximately US$26 million) rights offering (“Rights Offering”) for which Tembo Capital has agreed to provide a stand-by guarantee.

– Total financing package of CAD 46.7 million fully funds Coro for the next 12 months.
– Proceeds to repay debt, acquire surrounding properties and fund exploration program and resource expansion at Marimaca.
– Introduction of new shareholder at a premium demonstrates significant value proposition.
– Rights Offering provides existing shareholders equal opportunity to invest in the Company at an attractive entry price.
– Completion of acquisition of Sierra Miranda claims, which are adjacent to the flagship Marimaca property of Coro.
– Commitment by Greenstone Resources LP (“Greenstone”) and Tembo Capital to exercise all of their basic subscription privilege in the Rights Offering and standby guarantee by Tembo Capital should ensure a successful outcome of the proposed Rights Offering.

Commenting on the financing plan, Coro’s President & CEO Luis Tondo said: : ”I am pleased today to announce a comprehensive financing plan for Coro. The premium placement and rights offering combination optimises our shareholder and capital structures, which should allow us to move ahead with acquiring the Sierra Miranda claims surrounding Coro’s flagship Marimaca project and commence a fully funded exploration program on these properties, which I believe has significant potential. The proceeds will also be used to pay off debt and fund our working capital needs. Consequently, I am confident that Coro now represents a premier investment opportunity in the junior copper sector, and places us in an unrivalled position to create significant value over the next 12 months.

The Board of Directors welcomes Tembo Capital as a shareholder. Their willingness to invest at a premium and provide a standby guarantee for the rights offering is a solid endorsement of our Marimaca project and its growth potential. Tembo Capital is a well known private equity group and we look forward to benefitting from their technical and strategic contributions”.

Private Placement

The Company has closed the Private Placement consisting of common shares of the Company (“Common Shares”) raising gross proceeds of approximately CAD 13.2 million. Under the Private Placement, the Company has issued 109,733,334 Common Shares at a price of CAD 0.12 per Common Share, representing a premium of 26% to Coro’s closing price on the TSX on August 3rd, 2018. Tembo Capital has purchased all of the Common Shares issued pursuant to the Private Placement. Pursuant to the Private Placement Tembo Captial, for so long as it continues to hold at least 10% of the outstanding Common Shares of Coro, on a non-diluted basis, will have (i) the right to nominate one member to the Board of Directors, and (ii) a pre-emptive right to maintain its pro rata interest in the Common Shares of Coro.

A significant portion of the proceeds of the Private Placement, being approximately CAD 7,680,030, were used to fund the previously announced acquisition of the Sierra Miranda claims adjacent to the Marimaca property, the balance of such proceeds will be used to advance exploration at the Company’s flagship Marimaca project and for general corporate purposes.

Conversion of Greenstone Convertible Loan

The Company separately announces that 21,883,492 Common Shares are expected to be issued in the coming days to Greenstone pursuant to the conversion of its US$2 million convertible loan, at a conversion price equal to the Private Placement price of CAD 0.12 per share (the “Greenstone Loan Conversion”). The Greenstone Loan Conversion is expected to be completed on or about August 9th, 2018.

Following the issue of Common Shares to Tembo Capital pursuant to the Private Placement and the Greenstone Loan Conversion, the total number of Common Shares outstanding will be 783,546,337. The percentage interest of Greenstone in the Common Shares of Coro will have fallen from 63.5% to 55.6%, with Tembo Capital holding 14.0% of the then outstanding Common Shares.

Rights Offering

The Board of Directors has approved the undertaking of a prospectus exempt Rights Offering to be made only to holders of record of Common Shares as of August 22nd, 2018. The Company will issue rights (“Rights”) to subscribe for an aggregate of up to 671,591,957 Common Shares of the Company at a subscription price of CAD 0.05 per Common Share, raising up to approximately CAD 33.6 million. Additional subscription privileges will be extended to all shareholders. The Company intends to use the proceeds of the Rights Offering to primarily fund further exploration work at the Marimaca project, retire outstanding indebtedness and for general corporate purposes.

The Rights Offering is being made to the holders of Coro’s Common Shares of record at the close of business on August 22nd, 2018. The Company will issue one Right for each outstanding Common Share. Each 1.1667 Rights will entitle a shareholder to acquire one Common Share of the Company, upon payment of the subscription price per common share. Fractional shares will not be issued and any fractions will be rounded down to the nearest whole number.

For example, an eligible holder of 1,000 Common Shares as of the record date would be issued 1,000 Rights, which would entitle the holder to subscribe for 857 additional Common Shares for an aggregate price of CAD 42.85 (857 x CAD 0.05).

The following insiders, Greenstone and Tembo Capital, have advised that they intend to exercise, subject to relevant restrictions, all of their basic subscription privileges. The Company has also entered into a stand-by guarantee agreement (the “Stand-By Agreement”) with Tembo Capital. Subject to and in accordance with the terms of the Stand-By Agreement, Tembo Capital has agreed to purchase the Common Shares issuable under the Rights Offering, which remain unsubscribed for by the holders of the Rights, other than Rights issued to Greenstone pursuant to their basic subscription privileges.

The persons who currently hold 10% or more of the Company’s Common Shares or would own 10% or more upon completion of the Rights Offering are anticipated to be as follows:

(1) Assumes: (i) the maximum number of Common Shares are issued under the Rights Offering, (ii) no person acquires Common Shares under the Rights Offering other than Greenstone, Tembo Capital and the other insiders of the Company who have indicated an intention to exercise their basic subscription privilege, and (iii) that Tembo Capital will, in such circumstance, fulfil its obligations under the Stand-By Agreement by purchasing all Common Shares available under the Rights Offering (other than those issued to Greenstone and the identified insiders pursuant to their respective basic subscription privilege).

It is expected that the Rights will trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “COP.RT” commencing on August 21st, 2018 and will trade until 12:00 p.m. (Toronto Time) on September 20th, 2018. The Rights will expire at 5:00 p.m. (Toronto Time) on September 20th, 2018 (the “Expiry Time”), after which time unexercised Rights will be void and of no value. Shareholders who fully exercise their Rights will be entitled to subscribe for additional Common Shares under the Rights Offering, in the event that there remain unexercised Rights at the Expiry Time, subject in all cases to certain limitations set out in Coro’s Rights Offering circular (the “Circular”), which will be filed on SEDAR at prior to the record date.

A Rights Offering notice and Rights certificate will be mailed to each registered shareholder of the Company resident in Canada (and, in certain cases, certain other jurisdictions) as of the record date.

Registered shareholders who wish to exercise their rights must forward the completed rights certificate, together with the applicable subscription funds, to the rights agent, Computershare Investor Services Inc., on or before the Expiry Time. Eligible shareholders who own their shares through an intermediary, such as a bank, trust company, securities dealer or broker, will receive materials and instructions from their intermediary.

Use of Proceeds

The following table below provides a detailed breakdown of how the Company will use its available funds, including those received pursuant to the Private Placement and Rights Offering:

(See table and notes here.)

(1) Amounts expressed in Canadian dollars.

Further details of the Rights Offering are contained in the Circular, which will be filed in due course on SEDAR under the Company’s profile at and will be posted on the Company’s website at, or will be available from your dealer representative or by contacting either:

The Rights Offering is subject to certain conditions including, but not limited to, the receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals, including the acceptance of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Toronto Stock Exchange has conditionally accepted for listing the new Common Shares issued pursuant to the Private Placement and to be issued pursuant to the Greenstone Loan Conversion and the Rights Offering, which will rank pari passu with the Company’s issued and outstanding Common Shares.


BMO Capital Markets and Tamesis Partners are acting as financial advisors and Bennett Jones and Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana as legal advisors to Coro.

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