CPPIB taps Deborah Orida as first-ever chief sustainability officer

Orida, who joined CPPIB 12 years ago from Goldman Sachs, will maintain her role as senior managing director and global head of real assets.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has appointed Deborah Orida as the organization’s first chief sustainability officer. In the role, she will lead CPPIB’s efforts to navigate economic transitions to address climate change. Orida, who joined CPPIB 12 years ago from Goldman Sachs, will maintain her role as senior managing director and global head of real assets.


Toronto, ON (October 27, 2021) – John Graham, President & CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments), announced today the appointment of Deborah Orida as the organization’s first Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). In addition to becoming the organization’s first CSO, Orida will maintain her role as Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Real Assets.

“CPP Investments was established nearly a quarter century ago with one goal – to help provide a base for lifetime financial security for Canadians,” said Graham. “The CPP Fund is secure and is one of the few national retirement programs globally that is well-positioned to meet its promise for multiple generations of beneficiaries.”

“Climate change, which was only on the horizon when CPP Investments was established nearly 25 years ago, has become the defining issue of our time,” added Graham. “We are focused on seizing the tremendous investment opportunities, as well as managing the risks, brought about by climate change. Our enterprise-wide Chief Sustainability Officer will be responsible for our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, particularly climate change, working closely with our Chief Investment Officer to ensure a sustainable CPP Fund endures to the next century.”

As Chief Sustainability Officer, Orida will lead the further refinement and execution of a roadmap for CPP Investments to prudently navigate the Fund as the world economy transitions to address climate change, ensuring we maintain a global, cross-enterprise approach to sustainability as we pursue our mandate on behalf of 20 million Canadians.
“As a global institutional investor with a time horizon that spans generations, we must place equal focus on both the risks and investment opportunities associated with sustainability – and particularly climate,” said Orida. “Our organization has recognized the importance of, and challenge posed by, climate change for nearly 15 years and has been a leader in pressing the market for better standards in areas such as disclosure and investing in assets and companies for the economy transition.”

The Real Assets department that Orida leads has made significant investments that support the economy transition, including more than $7 billion of renewables, 403 green buildings and decarbonization technologies and services. Orida said, “I am looking forward to continuing our work with colleagues across CPP Investments to meet our goal of helping ensure a base for Canadians’ financial security in retirement for generations to come, so that the CPP Investments portfolio is well positioned for the change that lies ahead.”

Orida’s appointment is effective immediately. The Sustainable Investing group led by Richard Manley, Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Investing, will move from the Active Equities department to Real Assets and continue to have an enterprise-wide mandate.

Orida joined CPP Investments 12 years ago from Goldman Sachs in New York. Prior to becoming Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Real Assets, she was Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Active Equities. During her tenure with CPP Investments, she has held senior leadership roles including Managing Director, Head of Private Equity Asia, which she led after establishing the Relationship Investments Asia portfolio from Hong Kong.

Orida holds an LLB and BA from Queen’s University, Canada and an MBA from The Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania.

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