Cuomo to Announce New “Integrity Investigation” Developments

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has called a 12pm ET press conference to announce developments in his office’s “major public integrity investigation.”

No additional details yet, including if today’s news relates to the pay-to-play scandal involving private equity firms and the New York state pension system. Cuomo also has a bunch of other balls in the air, so this could be related to something else entirely. For example, last month we dialed in to a Cuomo presser, only to learn it was about “the manipulation of salary and overtime payments that leads to inflated pensions at the expense of taxpayers.” Important stuff, but not for peHUB.

[Update: False alarm, at least from a private equity perspective. Cuomo “has filed suit against Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. for looting the Bronx based not-for-profit where Espada serves as President and CEO. Nineteen current and former officers and directors of the Comprehensive Community Development (“Soundview”) are also named in the lawsuit.”]