Cuomo To Announce “Expansion” of Pension System Probe

UPDATE: False alarm here. Cuomo’s announcement dealt with an investigation into “the manipulation of salary and overtime payments that leads to inflated pensions at the expense of taxpayers.” No relation to the pay-to-play situation, save for it involving the state pension system.

Andrew Cuomo’s office just announced that he will hold a press conference at 12:30pm this afternoon, to discuss an “expansion” of the ongoing New York state pension scandal. That doesn’t sound like a Rattner deal or Hank Morris plea (particularly given this being filed yesterday), but perhaps new info and indictments. Unclear if this specifically relates to pay-to-play or not.

My guess — and it’s only that — is that the name Alan Hevesi could come up more than in passing. After all, when former NY chief investment officer David Logisci recently plead guilty, he said that he was instructed to deal with Morris by his superiors. Moreover, Cuomo said that Loglisci didn’t personally receive cash kickbacks — although Loglisci’s brother did — but instead got the CIO promotion and the ability to keep the “high profile” job.

On the other hand, I’m usually off base when predicting what Cuomo is going to announce. We’ll cover the presser as it happens…