Day in the VC Life

This has apparently been floating in the email ether for a while (note the 2004 election reference), but is nonetheless worth passing on. No idea who wrote it…

West Coast Biotech VC daily calendar:
5:45am – Alarm clock. Pick up Blackberry from nightstand, fire off an email to portfolio company CEO to demonstrate “round-the-clock” vigilance. Go back to sleep.

8:30am – Wake up. Decide whether to have breakfast in the kitchen, dining room, sunroom, veranda, or gazebo. Have “breakfast meeting” with Rex and Fido.

9:45am – Drop child off at nursery school. Banter with child’s teacher. Haha, that teacher doesn’t make in a year what I spent in Lanai over New Year’s. Wow. I haven’t been to Hawaii in three months. Call assistant, re: biotech conferences in Hawaii.

10:30am – Arrive at office, remark loudly that these breakfast meetings are killing you. It’s been ‘go, go, go’ all year. The pace is killing you. Makes you wish it was 2002 again.

10:45am – Call CEO of biotech portfolio company. Ask if he’s considered building a services component to add to his business.

11:45am – Damn. Late for lunch. Sometimes they run out of the olive bread at Il Fornaio. Gotta run. Thank god for the Carrera. That damn 545 didn’t have any giddy-up.

1:15pm – Call portfolio company CEO, remind him that genomics is hot. Has he ever thought about a chip services business? That’d be cool.

1:30pm – Oops. Late for meeting with entrepreneur looking for funding. Finish game of “Minesweeper.”

1:45pm – Apologize for being late. It’s been ‘go, go, go’ lately. The pace is killing me. Our firm is a little different… all of our partners were operators, so we know what it’s like to run a company. We’re pretty conservative investors here – we only put money to work where we can really make a difference and add some strategic value. We try to be respectful of your time, so we’ll give you a “quick no” if this isn’t something that interests us…

2:30pm – Wow. 15 voicemails from entrepreneurs. “What’s the next step?” Why does everyone need to know what the “next” step is? I’ll tell you what my next step is… out my office door to the lunchroom. Ooo. Blackberry Odwalla. I love Blackberry Odwalla. Note to self: have wife buy See’s candy next Christmas for the Office Manager who buys the juice. Odwalla, Odwalla, Odwalla. I love Odwalla.

2:45pm – Shit. Sequoia has a term sheet out to Acme Biosciences. Find Associate. Why the hell didn’t we look at Acme? That fucking company is hot. Instead, you bring me this piece of shit company in diagnotics? Christ. Goddamn Associates never see the big picture.  Ooooo… the Laguna Niguel conference. When is Laguna Niguel? Gotta get the into the Ritz Carlton. My assistant stuck me at the Marriott last year. How much did that suck?

3:15pm – Fax term sheet to Acme. Wonder what the hell they do? No worries. Those guys at Sequoia diligence the hell out of deals.

3:45pm – Isn’t there any political candidate who still needs a fundraiser? How the hell did Gorenberg get Kerry? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Should’ve snagged Kerry back in December. What about the Senate? There must be a senator who needs electing.

4:15pm – Sharon Heights. Networking. Bob said the monthly dues are deductible, right? Bob rocks. Best accountant ever.

8:15pm – Sorry I’m late honey. It’s been ‘go, go, go’ all year. Can’t do this too much longer. Can the nanny stay late tonight to make some dinner?