Denham Capital Relocates Power & Renewables Team to London

Denham Capital said Wednesday that it has relocated its power & renewables team from Short Hills, NJ, to their new headquarters in London. According to the company, the move was made to help facilitate the team’s acquisition of deals in emerging markets. Denham Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on energy investments.


LONDON (4 September, 2013) — Denham Capital, a leading energy and resources-focused global private equity firm, announced today that it has shifted the headquarters of its Power & Renewables team to London to expand its pursuit of deals in emerging markets.
“Power and renewables opportunities are far greater overseas today, particularly in emerging markets, than in the U.S.,” said Scott Mackin, co-president and managing partner as well as head of Denham’s Power & Renewables team. “We believe this trend will only continue, as nearly 80 percent of new generation capacity requirements during the next two decades are expected to come from developing economies.”
As part of the move, Mackin has relocated to London, where he will lead fellow Power & Renewables team members Jens Thomassen, a director, and Juergen Heeg, a vice president, both of whom came to the firm late last year as part of Denham’s effort to bolster its presence in London, as well as Steve Mandel, an associate. Justin DeAngelis, a director will continue to support Denham’s global Power & Renewable investments team from the New York City area. In addition Todd Bright, a managing director who was tapped two and half years ago to lead the London office, will be moving back to Houston where he will join Saurabh Anand, a vice president, and Peter Ramsumair, an associate.
“Headquartering the Power & Renewables team in London, while also strengthening our presence in Houston, allows us to be more geographically aligned in our approach to pursuing deals globally and continue our close collaboration with our management teams in regions such as Africa, South America and the Asia Pacific,” added Mackin. “At the same time the move ensures we’ll be able to maintain the strong relationships we have established within the U.S.”
Denham Capital’s Fund V and VI backed management teams include Sum Energy Israel, an Israeli developer, owner and operator of independent power projects; Rio Energy, a Brazilian company focused on the development and/or acquisition of greenfield wind projects; OneWind Australia, a developer, owner and operator of wind power projects in Australia; Endeavor Energy, a developer, owner and operator of thermal and hydro power generation facilities across Africa; BioTherm Energy, a leading wind and solar developer in South Africa; and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, a company that develops, builds and operates solar plants around the globe and is based in London and Madrid.
Mackin relocated from the Denham Capital Short Hills, New Jersey office where he, DeAngelis and Ramsumair previously worked. The office was closed in early August.
About Denham Capital
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