DFJ Tops KP for ’07 Cleantech Title

Based on the number of mentions in the press, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is the cleantech king for this year. But in fact, Draper Fisher Jurvetson has done the most cleantech deals this year – by a long shot. Preliminary data from Thomson Financial (publisher of peHUB) show that DFJ invested in 11 cleantech companies as of Nov. 25. See the full Top 10 below.

(Note that the DFJ total grows to 12 if you add in the deals done by DFJ Element; the cleantech affiliate co-invested with DFJ in three of four deals.)

Khosla Ventures and KP tied for second by backing eight companies each.

It seems DFJ has taken a page from KP’s old playbook – just do deals and don’t talk to the press, hoping that by the time anyone notices you’re doing a land grab that it will be too late for anyone else to catch up with you.

I look at deal totals every week and even I was surprised to see DFJ at the top of the list. I only stumbled across it because I’m compiling a bunch of year-end data for the January issue of VCJ. (Yes, that’s a plug for those of you who don’t subscribe.)

Overall, VCs have poured $1.56 billion into 344 cleantech companies this year.

It’s difficult to know for sure how much each firm invested. If multiple firms invest in a company and they don’t specify exactly how much each invested, Thomson does an estimate by dividing the dollar amount by the number of investors. Using that metric, KP comes out on top with $76.8 million invested in cleantech this year, followed by Good Energies Inc. and Khosla Ventures ($67.4 million and $63.3 million, respectively). DFJ places sixth with $43.3 million.

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Firm/  No. of companies/  Total invested $M
Draper Fisher Jurvetson/   11/  $43.25
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers/  8/  $76.83
Khosla Ventures/  8/ $63.35
Goldman, Sachs & Co./  7/  $45.99
NGEN Partners/  7/  $26.21
VantagePoint Venture Partners/  5/  $48.16
New Enterprise Associates/  5/  $40.50
Nth Power/  5/  $7.71
@Ventures/  5/  $7.17
Good Energies Inc./  4/  $67.38
Technology Partners/  4/  $27.68
Sigma Partners/  4/  $22.95
DFJ Element/  4/  $18.01
Lightspeed Venture Partners/  4/  $14.55
Mohr Davidow Ventures/  4/  $13.00
Rockport Capital Partners/  4/  $9.18

Source: Thomson FinancialData are for 1-1-07 to 11-25-07.