DFW invests in Lotus Clinical Research

DFW Capital Partners has made an investment in Pasadena, California-based Lotus Clinical Research LLC, a CRO, clinical research site and regulatory consulting firm focused in the pain therapeutic area. No financial terms were disclosed. In addition to the investment, Lotus has named Jeffrey Kinell and Kurt Brykman to its board of directors.


PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Lotus Clinical Research LLC (“Lotus”) of Pasadena, California, announced today that it has entered a private equity partnership with DFW Capital Partners and has added Jeffrey Kinell and Kurt Brykman to its board of directors in conjunction with DFW’s investment.

Mr. Kinell was previously the CEO of Bracket Global, a leader in the clinical trials technology space, and CEO of CRI Lifetree, a leader in clinical trials for special populations (subsequently acquired by PRA). Mr. Brykman was previously a divisional president of PAREXEL International, the third-largest CRO worldwide, and COO of Medpace, a specialty CRO which provides expertise in executing scientifically challenging trials.

Lotus is an internationally recognized CRO, clinical research site and regulatory consulting firm focused in the pain therapeutic area. Lotus has performed over 300 clinical trials on pain therapies and pioneered new research models for acute pain trials including abdominoplasty and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Lotus secured DFW’s equity backing in order to enhance its CRO infrastructure, pursue strategic acquisitions and expand its service offerings.

“DFW, Jeff and Kurt bring the exact combination of strategic guidance and mentorship that I had hoped for in a partner,” said Lotus CEO Neil Singla, MD. “I am excited for the next phase of Lotus’ growth.”

“Neil and the Lotus team have built an outstanding foundation as the pre-eminent research site and specialty CRO in pain,” said Mr. Kinell. “I’m excited to work with Lotus as we bring new resources into the fold and expand into new service offerings and therapeutic areas.”

“Lotus has built a strong start in its CRO operations,” said Mr. Brykman. “I am pleased to be joining Neil and the rest of his management team to help them expand their CRO operations to the next stage of growth, as they continue to win larger trials in both acute and chronic pain.”

About Lotus Clinical Research: Lotus Clinical Research is a specialty analgesic CRO, research site and regulatory consulting firm supporting all phases of discovery for analgesic treatments and has played a role in 10 analgesic FDA approvals. Led by Dr. Neil Singla, Lotus focuses on optimizing design/conduct of clinical trials in pain, providing scientific leadership at every step of the development process. In assisting with the advancement of pain therapies, Lotus Clinical Research seeks to invent and operationalize research methods that improve study design and conduct for analgesic trials, which support our mission to help alleviate the opioid crisis in society.