Electronics Company Hypres Completes Spinoff

Hypres, an Elmsford, New York-based electronics company, has spun off a new company called PlusN that’s being backed with an undisclosed amount by Hypres’s lead investors, including  Franklin “Pitch” Johnson of Asset Management Corp, Chris Brody of Vantage Venture Partners and John Levy, chairman of the board at Hypres.


HYPRES, Inc., the Digital Superconductor Company, announced the spinoff of +n (PlusN, LLC), a new company focused on developing intelligent capacity management solutions for data communications. +n retains the team members who were influential in developing the core technology and is backed by HYPRES lead investors Franklin “Pitch” Johnson of Asset Management Corp, Chris Brody of Vantage Venture Partners and John Levy, chairman of the board at HYPRES.

With the continued proliferation of worldwide mobile communications, operators are facing critical spectrum availability and capacity issues with their current infrastructure. In response to this problem the team at HYPRES created, and now +n will further develop and productize, innovative signal processing techniques based on pioneering algorithms and software for all commonly used processor platforms that enable mobile operators to significantly increase the mobile data capacity in their networks without deploying additional infrastructure or acquiring additional spectrum.

“We are pleased to announce the +n spinoff as it represents an exciting culmination of the development of this unique capability born out of our advanced RF technology,” said Richard Hitt, CEO at HYPRES. “At HYPRES we are always developing innovative solutions for industry’s most challenging performance issues and technology gaps. Creating +n is the first step in providing industry with an exciting new solution that addresses maybe the most critical challenge facing wireless operators. Spinning out this spectrum management capability that is not dependent on our superconductor technology is the right decision for HYPRES and this new technology.”

Going forward, HYPRES will continue to focus on its core competency, developing new capabilities from its brand of superconductor technology where new developments in medical imaging, high performance computing, and high performance RF systems are taking shape. The Company has many ongoing projects developing new, performance enhancing and energy saving solutions that harness the unique capabilities of its digital superconductor integrated circuits. Tomorrow’s solutions demand many times the processing speeds of today’s fastest processors at a fraction of the energy consumption. Check out the future of digital processors atwww.hypres.com.


HYPRES develops and commercializes digital superconductor technology and integrates it for the world into everyday systems. The company seeks opportunities to provide unparalleled economic and performance advantages for a variety of mobile network, metrology, advanced computing and medical imaging applications for government, commercial and academia, worldwide. Headquartered in Elmsford, New York, the company is the recognized leader in digital superconducting technology and features the most accomplished team of superconductor experts in the world. HYPRES operates the premier commercial foundry for digital superconductor integrated circuits and has delivered more worldwide than any other government or commercial organization. For more information, please visit us at www.hypres.com.