DKG Group raises $10 million

Gaming and leisure business DKG Group has raised $10 million which has increased the group’s net worth to an estimated value of $800 million. Private equity firms CPC, KGV venture group and DAG Asia investment advisors have jointly invested.


DKG Group is pleased to announce that it has obtained USD 10 million in a new round of fund raising, which raised DKG Group’s net worth to an estimated value of USD 800 million. Private equity firm CPC, KGV venture group and DAG Asia investment advisors have jointly invested and this has sparked great interest in the gaming community upon DKG Group’s unique crowdfunding model.

It is reported that, DKG Group has targeted their listing onto the preferred exchanges in Europe, and intend to raise USD 85 million. With an approximate total issued share of 100 million shares (excluding underwriters’ over-allotments), it can be estimated DKG Group will have a market capitalization of USD 500 million to USD 800 million.

Only after 10 months since adopting the revolutionary business model, DKG’s valuation has gone up six-fold! How did DKG able to achieve such high valuations of 500-800 million dollars? In the eyes of investors, what is DKG’s greatest value after the transition?

Three major supports for such high valuation:

The group believes that there are 3 major supporting factors for such high valuations by investors: firstly, the prospect of future expansion into finer segments of the industry is very enticing. DKG Group is well positioned in the high-end market, with an annual turnover of hundreds of millions, and still has enourmous room to grow. Secondly, in a little more than a year’s time, DKG has accumulated over 6000 members during DKG’s initial trial period, establishing itself as a dominant force in Asia Pacific markets. Thirdly, with DKG’s existing user base in gaming and leisure that can be readily introduced to an O2O electronics reseller platform.

It is worth mentioning that, DKG’s future development and growth will be focused on gaming and leisure, and O2O business platform and related development and management teams. At the same time, DKG operations will be separated into two distinct businesses, which are gaming and leisure, and O2O business platform. The O2O platform will focus on enhancing research and development, the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations, products and achieving breakthroughs while realizing rapid growth.

Honestly, with the listing and fund raising activities, it will definitely propel DKG to greater heights. In order to achieve true value, showing great results from our group’s performance is fundamental.

DKG announced that new funds raised will be used to enhance member and customer experience, the development of the O2O platform and management team. In the future, DKG will no doubt be facing more challenges, yet even greater success and developments awaits.