Dyn Acquires Canadian VC-Backed Startup Verelo

New England-based internet infrastructure provider Dynamic Services Network, Inc. (Dyn) bought Verelo, Inc., a performance analytics company, that also features malware detection and site health monitoring services.  Financial terms of the Dyn acquisition were not disclosed.  The Toronto, Ontario-based Verelo secured startup financing in July 2012 from Extreme Startups, a Canadian accelerator and venture capital investor, which was launched in the same year.


Dyn Acquires Website Monitoring Startup Verelo

Manchester, NH (January 2, 2013) – Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), announced today that it has acquired Verelo, a Toronto-based startup that provides uptime and performance analytics, as well as malware detection and site health monitoring services.

The acquisition bolsters Dyn’s reputation for helping companies manage their infrastructure needs. The IaaS company does not intend on selling the Verelo services long term and instead will offer its performance-orientated tools as a free service to their customers and as a sales tool for prospects.

Verelo is just one offering in a bigger portfolio of tools that Dyn plans on providing customers to help them monitor and manage their websites and ensure email deliverability.
Verelo’s monitoring services allows customers to check their websites from multiple locations around the world. If downtime, database connection errors or other problems are detected, customers are notified by SMS, phone or email.

Such immediacy can help prevent future problems, something Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock saw great value in.

“Our mantra is ‘Uptime is the Bottom Line’ so we are always looking for great opportunities to prevent downtime,” said Hitchcock. “Acquiring Verelo allows us to offer more innovative services to our customers. We don’t want to just fix downtime. We want to prevent it.”

Verelo, founded in early 2012 by Andrew McGrath and Michael Curry, made its official public launch in June after graduating from Toronto’s Extreme Startups incubator program.

“This is great news for Verelo as it means our service will continue long into the future,” said McGrath, Verelo’s CEO. “Dyn will bring a much larger set of resources to our current and future users.”


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