Education software platform Bulb has raised $1 mln from angels

Bulb, a developer of education software, has raised another $1 million from angel investors. Bulb is launching its first digital portfolio product.

Press Release

Bulb, a startup with a vision to reinvent education software through simple, beautiful and relevant design raised another $1 million in Series A funding as it launches its first major digital portfolio product.

Named the top education technology app for 2014 by Angela Maiers and recognized by several leading educators as “the app that will liberate the student and teacher of the future,” bulb’s first web application for publishing is earning rapid adoption through individual use and a variety of pilot projects in influential school districts across the country. Bulb will roll out its most significant feature set to date in late summer.

Bulb is led by the well-known founder & former CEO Eric Goldreyer. In his typical energetic fashion that revolutionized the online B & B industry, Goldreyer said, “We are passionate about the world of education, and our goal is to build software that makes learning and teaching an amazing experience for everyone. In the digital world, bulb is as useful as pen and paper, and everyone who sees bulb and tries it agrees: no one in education today can live without a digital portfolio.”

Bulb is the ideal publishing tool for creating and publishing student portfolios and projects, as well as a delivery platform for courses, lectures and flipping a classroom at any grade level. Whether you are a student or a teacher, bulb users can create their space for sharing knowledge, using any combination of richly-formatted text, images and video, without any web design or development experience.

Creative director Diko Daghlian shared recently with a group of University of Texas students, “Bulb has been an exciting concept from the beginning, and that excitement has been catapulted by the early successes we’ve had, but the most convincing moment came when I saw how infectious and fun it was for my 14-year-old daughter when she started making her first bulb page.”

“We’ve entered the edtech industry at the right time,” said bulb President and co-founder John Runkles. “As learning continues to evolve online, the demand for a simple, relevant place to process, manage and publish work becomes paramount to education. Our digital portfolio allows anyone, anywhere to do just that. Bulb goes far beyond student publishing. We have teachers, artists, writers, filmmakers, businesses, and just about anyone else you can think of using bulb as a publishing platform for their work.”

The new funding will be utilized to speed up the development process for additional features and functionality of the product while also increasing marketing efforts.

About bulb:
Bulb is a software startup based in Fort Collins, Colo. and Austin, Texas. John and David Runkles, brothers and Colorado State University alumni, founded bulb in 2011 with Eric Goldreyer, Bob Bush and Erik Petrik. Bulb’s vision is to make a dent in the education universe by building software that is simple, beautiful and relevant. For more information, visit