EMEA Capital, Duet Group invest in Moneybaba

EMEA Capital and Duet Group have invested in Moneybaba. Financial terms weren’t announced. Moneybaba is a London fintech company that specializes in Latin American and African emerging markets.


LONDON, Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Led by fintech investment expert Osman Semerci, EMEA Capital along with Duet Group has made a major investment in Moneybaba, a London-based fintech company that specializes in Latin American and African emerging markets.
Moneybaba: Revolutionising Finance in Emerging Markets
Moneybaba challenges the traditional lending process by offering options to individuals who have limited financial and credit histories. The company operates digitally, keeping expenses significantly lower than traditional lenders who use branches that require significant overhead. Moneybaba has also made its products available in physical locations by signing agreements with thousands of vendors, giving them the ability to offer immediate finance to clients at points of sale. Moneybaba’s algorithms make it possible to process applications and make lending decisions through borrower behavioural analysis.
Geared for Global Expansion
Moneybaba founder and CEO Marcelo Barreneche said that the financial backing received from EMEA Capital and Duet Group would help the company achieve its global expansion goals. According to Barreneche, the investment will be used to launch the service in new countries, particularly across the African continent, and to bolster the company’s balance sheet. Moneybaba is already operational throughout several countries in Latin America under the TuTasa brand. Barreneche further stated that Moneybaba is excited to be “joining forces with top private equity investors who have strong expertise in the emerging markets.”
Osman Semerci and EMEA Capital
EMEA Capital CEO Osman Semerci commented on the investment: “The efforts of fintech companies like Moneybaba are crucial to helping people in emerging markets achieve financial freedom through the use of technology.” Semerci added that, “EMEA Capital is excited to see how Moneybaba will simplify finance and make credit more accessible to people who need it most.”
Osman Semerci launched EMEA Capital LLP in 2008. The firm mainly invests in financial markets, fintech, and private equity.