Enjoy your wealth

Remember Larry Bock?

Bock on camelBack in 2002, Venture Capital Journal dubbed him “the most successful venture capitalist you’ve never heard of.” At that time, 11 of the 16 biotech companies he had seeded boasted an aggregate market cap of more than $14 billion and another two had been acquired for more than $1 billion.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Bock co-founded nanotech startup Nanosys in 2001. It was poised to go public in 2004, but yanked its IPO due to “volatility” in the public markets. (VCJ subscribers can read an update on Nanosys here.) Bock ended up leaving Nanosys last December for what the company described as “personal reasons.”

Turns out the personal reasons weren’t very mysterious. Bock just wanted to take some time off to enjoy life with his family. He is keeping a blog of his misadventures. You can read it here. It gives some interesting insight into the mind of a serial entrepreneur and VC, plus it has lots of silly photos like the one I’ve posted here.