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EnzySurge Adds $4 Million

EnzySurge Ltd., an Israel-based provider of chronic wound management solutions, has raised $4 million in fourth-round funding. The round was led by company chairman Eli Gilboa, of Gilboa & Licht.




EnzySurge Ltd. (EnzySurge), a provider of innovative solutions for advanced chronic wound management, announced today that it successfully completed its latest round of funding of US $4 million. The round was extended from $2 million, as was announced on January 2008, to $4 million and was led by Eli Gilboa from Gilboa&Licht, who is the company's chairman. To date, the company has raised a total US$7.3 million. With this additional capital, the company will be positioned to execute on its plan to commercialize its products, for market launch in early 2009. The addressable market for DermaStream