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Ex-Lariat execs launch Fruition Partners

Three executives formerly with Lariat Partners have launched Fruition PartnersJay Coughlon, Mac Hampden, and Jason Urband were previously with Lariat. Fruition, of Denver, will consider companies as small as $2 million of earnings as well as larger businesses with greater than $10 million of EBITDA.


Fruition Partners: New Name, Team You Know
Jay Coughlon, Mac Hampden, and Jason Urband Formerly of Lariat Partners
DENVER, July 11, 2019 – Fruition Partners, a Denver-based private equity firm, announced today its formation by co-founders and Partners Jay Coughlon, Mac Hampden, and Jason Urband. The three founders have worked together for more than six years, most recently at Lariat Partners.
Fruition will employ a strategy nearly identical to Lariat and invest in niche companies with recurring revenue or consumable business models and outlier operational or industry characteristics where ownership is largely comprised of the original founder(s).
Jay Coughlon, the Managing Partner and co-founder of Fruition Partners, said, “Mac, Jason, and I have had success together for years and we are pleased to announce the launch of our new name, Fruition Partners. We look forward to partnering with strong entrepreneurs and management teams to help them execute on their strategic vision. We are actively looking at companies as small as $2 million of earnings as well as larger businesses with greater than $10 million of EBITDA.
Fruition has an investor base to support new investments and the firm is currently reviewing new opportunities in fuel distribution, specialty distribution (including food products), consumer products and services, tech-enabled services, and others such as niche manufacturing, and industrial services.
While at Lariat, Messrs. Coughlon, Urband, and Hampden were involved in all Lariat investments that have been realized, yielding significant cash on cash returns. Mr. Coughlon led the following three investments: Subsea Global, a leading global provider of underwater ship maintenance, repair and marine construction solutions, sold to GenNx360 Capital Partners in 2018; Jacent, North America’s leading retail merchandising expert, sold to Gridiron Capital in 2019, and; Offen Petroleum, one of the largest fuel distributors in the Western U.S., sold to Court Square Capital Partners in June, 2019.
Prior to co-founding Lariat Partners in January 2013, Mr. Coughlon spent 12 years with KRG Capital Partners, a Denver-based private equity firm with over $3 billion of capital under management, where he closed 36 platform and add-on acquisitions and served on numerous portfolio company boards. Mr. Urband was a Partner at Lariat Partners and has over 14 years of merger and acquisition advisory and private equity investing experience across a diverse set of industries. Before co-founding Fruition, he served as Interim Chief Executive Officer of Willowood USA, and was previously a member of the investment team at Grey Mountain Partners. Mr. Hampden was at Lariat for six years before co-founding Fruition and was previously with SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.
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