Exhausted Euphoria

Dragging a bit this morning, as I was glued to local and national sports shows until around 1:30am. Passed out smiling, and woke up the same way. Even took the long way to Dunkin’ Donuts so that I could get a few extra minutes of radio gloating before settling in to write today’s PE Week Wire email (which is apparently late to arrive in most inboxes, due to tech difficulties being experienced by our virtual postmaster)

Anyway, a few thoughts. If you don’t care, then just move along. Nothing to see here:

* The “new” Celtics owners did not buy the team in order to make money, even though they almost exclusively consist of buyout pros, hedge fund managers and venture capitalists. It was an ego buy, particularly given how little the group gets for in-house concessions (building is effectively owned by the Bruins). But no matter: This thing is going to become a bonanza. I know more than a few folks who turned down the chance to join the limited partnership, and must be kicking themselves right about now.

* 60 Minutes this week had a report on sleep, and how a lack of it can lead to such things as diabetes. A few more 9:07pm starts, and I might have had to make a doctor’s appointment.

* When I interviewed Steve Pagliuca at Buyouts Madness, I asked him about talk that the Celts were lucky not to get the #1 draft pick last year. He smiled, and suggested that, had the team gotten it, they could have ended up with both Garnett and Al Jefferson.

* Want to know the next company getting acquired by a PE firm? Get yourself some season tix for next season and a pair of binoculars. Then watch who Pagliuca, Bonderman, Hutchins, etc. bring with them to home games. Those guests are often CEOs.

* This is the first banner since I began rooting for the team. Yes, I’m a local. I also used to dislike Larry Bird and that entire squad (I know, blasphemy). Something about being a contrarian meant that I didn’t begin caring until around 1993. Still love Antoine. How ridiculously spoiled have I been since moving back here in mid-2001.

* Thanks Doc.