First Read

* Korea Development Bank confirms that it’s in talks with Lehman Brothers. Maybe then Lehman can hire some research analysts who don’t plagiarize.

* A Sarah Palin Primer. What McCain’s pander pick means for deal-making and Wall Street.

* Google is introducing a new browser today, which has sent the techie blogs into orgasmic convulsions (just go here). Most of the talk is understandably about how this will affect Microsoft. My question, however, is how it will affect the handful of VC-backed startups developing new browsers and browser add-ons.

* China: Warning signs from the center of the boom.

* John Cook: Paramount is buying the VC-backed maker of SceneIt.

* When selling your company, beware of earn-outs.

* Saturday night in I-banking: How to ruin a dinner.

* Commerzbank is saying goodbye to 9,000 jobs.

* Wallstrip on Luke Entertainment:[youtube=]