Fizziology Adds to Team

Social media research company Fizziology has added Carter Weiss to its advisory committee, and named Greg Buell director of West Coast sales. Weiss is a founding partner of the consumer venture capital fund Silas Capital. Buell was formerly creator of social media analytic consultancy EMMAnalysis LLC.



Social media research company Fizziology is pleased to announce the expansion of its executive team to support increased demand for social media research in the movie, television, sports and advertising industries. Carter Weiss, founding partner of the consumer venture capital fund Silas Capital and co-founder of Built NY, will join Fizziology’s advisory committee, and Greg Buell, creator of social media analytic consultancy EMMAnalysis LLC, has been named director of West Coast sales.


A leader in theatrical film tracking of social media conversation since late 2009, Fizziology analyzes Facebook, Twitter and blogs to provide marketing insights, casting guidance, box office predictions and other intelligence to movie studios. The company recently added the capabilities to offer advertising insights to the television industry, media agencies and brands with SocialDensity. This new product measures the influence, sharing and anticipation that can be layered on top of traditional ratings to provide a new, smarter way to buy and sell television ads. Fizziology’s new Sports Tracker is also empowering the sports industry to make smarter business decisions based on what fans are saying on social media.


Prior to forming the VC firm Silas Capital, Weiss co-founded the consumer products brand Built NY where he served as CEO for nearly seven years and grew sales from a cold start to $30 million. Preceding his role as CEO of Built NY, Weiss spent seven years as an Internet venture capitalist and was a member of corporate venture fund Hollinger Capital, where he made successful investments in digital media companies such as, which was acquired by eBay in 2005. Weiss will play an integral role in Fizziology’s advisory committee where he will assist with corporate development and help maintain and create new business ventures.


“Fizziology is a proven leader in shaping the way entertainment, sports and brands use social media analysis to make informed business decisions,” said Weiss. “I look forward to guiding Fizziology in making executive decisions that will have a tremendous impact on their business and next stages of growth.”


Buell is a veteran in the digital communications arena and has spent over 15 years focusing on building digital innovation in media and entertainment. Previously, he created EMMAnalysis LLC, a social media analytic consultancy where he lead the company’s development and strategy while also helping clients leverage social media analytics to achieve their business objectives. Buell will be responsible for developing Fizziology’s West Coast sales in film and television and creating a steady path to growth and innovation for the company.


“Fizziology’s social media research-based insights and advice are already transforming the entertainment industry on a multitude of levels,” said Buell. “The ability to spot trends and identify what is driving the conversation within social media, the world’s biggest focus group, is one of the reasons Fizziology has already established itself as an invaluable resource to some of the biggest movie studios in the world.”


Ben Carlson, Fizziology’s president and co-creator, adds, “Their combined experience in the technology, venture capital and digital entertainment marketing industries will be an unbelievable asset to Fizziology.”


Unlike thin social listening dashboards, Fizziology uses real people in the analytics process to ensure an extremely high level of accuracy in the analysis and to unearth deeper insights. Fizziology’s highly trained team of analysts can detect sarcasm, misspellings and slang better than a software program, which means social media conversations are properly graded for sentiment – not to mention trends and conversation drivers that would otherwise be missed by an automated keyword search are spotted.



Fizziology ( provides social media research and analysis for the media, entertainment and sports industries. Using a proprietary system, Fizziology monitors social media buzz from Facebook, Twitter and blogs on everything from movies to actors to sporting events. Real people – not automated keyword searches – read a statistically relevant sample of the social media chatter to grade sentiment, spot trends, and identify what is driving the conversation. It provides real-time information from the world’s largest, fastest, most honest focus group – social media. Fizziology was a 2010 Webby Nominee for best Guides/Ratings/Reviews website.