Fondaction invests $10 mln in growth of ESI Technologies

ESI Technologies, a Montréal-based information technology enterprise solutions provider, has secured nearly $10 million from Fondaction, a Canadian private equity and venture capital firm. Founded in 1994, ESI helps businesses manage, protect and transform their data into relevant information by modernizing their IT systems. Led by President and CEO Greg Rokos, the company will use the investment’s proceeds for its global growth strategy and to invest in new solutions, including data creation and advanced analytics.


Fondaction becomes an ESI Technologies partner

Fondaction recognizes the boldness and vision of ESI in the Canadian IT market and invests to support ESI’s growth.

Montréal, Québec, June 22, 2018 – ESI Technologies today announced an investment of nearly $10 million from Fondaction to support its strategic vision and business plan growth in the international market. This allows ESI to continue its investments to bring more value to its clients through innovative solutions, including data creation (IoT) and advanced analytics.

This involvement of Fondaction demonstrates the stability, audacity and strength of ESI’s employer brand (Knowledge & Career Incubator). After 24 years of activity, ESI has the means to continue developing and accelerating the export of its knowledge and expertise.

“Our desire was to associate with a financial partner who shares our values and believes in our purpose, our strategic vision and the competitive advantage that we have in the Canadian IT market” said Greg Rokos, President & CEO, ESI Technologies. “Fondaction understands that our goal is to meet the challenges of digital transformation by helping our clients to manage, protect and transform their data.”

For Stephan Morency, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Fondaction, ESI stands out in the North American landscape of Information Technology Enterprise solutions. “The boldness and vision has allowed ESI to position itself in the growing field of data management, protection and transformation. Their solutions will help optimize the use of data in sectors such as education, transport and energy, all of which have strong societal benefits”.

About ESI Information Technologies
ESI Technologies helps accelerate businesses by connecting the critical areas of data transformation into knowledge. ESI’s mission is to provide innovative and quality solutions to manage protect and transform the data generated by its customers activities. ESI offers cutting-edge technology expertise and a deep understanding of business challenges to gain real value from data volumes to make them a tangible competitive advantage in an ever-changing market. Based in Montréal, ESI also has offices in Québec City and Toronto. To learn more about ESI, visit

About Fondaction
Fondaction manages over $1.8 billion in retirement savings assets from more than 150,000 shareholders. Through its investments or commitments, either directly or through specialized funds partners, Fondaction supports the development of over 1,200 SMBs that contribute in a distinctive way to the economic, social and environmental development of Québec, with several involved in various components of the social economy.

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