Former Search Engine Lycos Appoints CEO

Waltham, Massachusetts former search engine Lycos has appointed Rob W. Balazy as its CEO. Lycos is owned by Indian media group Ybrant Digital since 2010.


The mythical Lycos Inc., headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, announced today the appointment of Rob W. Balazy as its CEO. Lycos is owned by Indian media group Ybrant Digital since 2010.

Besides its well-known portal, Lycos Inc. has evolved with the changes in the digital landscape, encompassing various groups of community and social sites, including the successful games portal and web hosting service, supported by various in-house tools and applications allowing plug-and-play adaptability to social and mobile environments.

Balazy, who’s been employed with Lycos in 2003, is coming back to lead the company with a successful record of M&A, Strategic Partnerships and product management with NameMedia, and Applied Semantics. Before joining Lycos, Rob was President and CEO of Inform Technologies Inc., a Spark Capital-backed developer of semantic web technology based in New York City.

“Rob is a very enthusiastic person, ready to embrace challenges in this dynamic market of global Digital Marketing. With his experience and leadership, he will spearhead Lycos to positive results for Ybrant.” said Suresh Reddy, Chairman & CEO of Ybrant Digital Limited.

Jacob Nizri, President of Ybrant Digital, added: “We are excited to bring Rob back in to lead Lycos. Rob is a strategic thinker, having shown strong market awareness and creativity by leading a successful turnaround at Inform. His experience and creativity will help position Lycos as a leading global platform for premium and user-generated content — in the well-known Lycos portal, its entertainment and shopping arms, Tripod web-publishing, and Gamesville online games.”

About Lycos:

Established in 1995, Lycos was originally a search engine — even before most people knew the concept of search engines. Times change, and Lycos has changed with them, from a single search engine into a focused network of community and social sites including,,, and of course,

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts Lycos is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ybrant Digital, the end-to-end global digital marketing company. Ybrant Digital is headquartered in Hyderabad, India – it has a global presence with offices in 20 countries.
SOURCE: Ybrant Digital