Former VC To Give Democratic Keynote

The Obama campaign today announced that Mark Warner will deliver the keynote address at this month’s Democratic Convention in Denver. I’m not quite sure what makes one prime-time speech a keynote and another just a speech — like the one Hillary Clinton will give on the same night – but who am I to argue the branding?

Most folks know Warner as the former governor of Virginia, who currently is cruising toward becoming the Old Dominion’s next U.S. Senator (succeeding the unrelated John Warner). But he also has some resonance to this space, having helped to found communications-focused VC firm Columbia Capital in 1989. Among his earliest and most notable deals was Nextel.

Warner won’t be introduced at the Convention as a former venture capitalist, but will certainly present himself as a successful businessman who believes Democrats have the best recipe for economic recovery. If it plays particularly well, perhaps it will help push John McCain toward picking Mitt Romney on the Republican side… But that would be for a vice presidential speech, not a keynote.