From Wall Street to Main Street

Blogging about private equity is so easy, even a congressman can do it.

Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) has launched a site called From Wall Street to Main Street, which promises to discuss both private equity and the debate over carried interest taxation. It’s actually ghostwritten by Reynolds communications director L.D. Platt – but there is no reason politicians should write their own blogs, when so few of them write their own bills.

Anyway, the blog looks to be a daily compilation of articles related to private equity, with a particular affinity toward items predisposed toward keeping carried interest taxed as capital gains. Like most of his GOP brethren, Reynolds opposes changing over to an ordinary income treatment. It also has relevant feeds from such websites as the WSJ, CNBC, the NY Times and, of course, peHUB (even though I happen to support a change in tax policy).

Still waiting for the Sandy Levin, Max Baucus or Chuck Grassley blog…