Gametime: March Madness

Today represents the beginning of that very special time of year, when corporate America turns its collective blind eye toward sports gambling. That’s right dear reader, it’s time for our sixth annual March Madness Extravaganza (full details after the jump).

The contest is open to all peHUB and PE Week Wire readers, with the top finisher to receive three prizes: (1) A complimentary Premium Membership to, which includes access to our entire editorial archive; (2) A complementary one-year subscription to the Thomson Financial publication of their choice: Buyouts, PE Week, Venture Capital Journal or European Venture Capital Journal; and (3) The opportunity to write a lead column for PE Week Wire, which could mean everything from an essay to a company advertisement to a plea for work (over 43,000 subscribers).

To Play:

  1. You will need a Yahoo account, which you can get here if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve done so, sign in and then go to:
  2. Select “Join a Group” (may have to hit it twice)
  3. I have created six groups, with each one capable of holding up to 50 people. If one is full, try another. If they all fill up, I’ll add more (only one entry per reader, please).
  4. You will need the Group ID and Password to join the group. The group IDs are: 84992, 85126, 85222, 85270, 85312 and 85581. The password to each group is: crunch.
  5. Finally, I ask that each participant let me know your group name, real name and place of business. Please email to me here (special email address only for this purpose), with the team name in the subject heading.

Good luck!