Generis Capital Partners leads WiN MS financing

WiN MS has secured its first round funding led by Generis Capital Partners. WiN MS is a provider of monitoring and diagnostics solutions for wired networks.


WiN MS, a provider of innovative monitoring and diagnostics solutions for wired networks, today announces its first round funding of EUR 800,000 (USD 1.1 million). Generis Capital Partners led the round. CEA Investissement, one of the WiN MS’ founding shareholders, also contributed through its seed technology investment ATI fund. WiN MS is a spin-off of the CEA LIST Institute, a leading research center for smart digital systems.

Founded in 2012, WiN MS focuses on offering innovative and efficient solutions to alleviate the difficulties air and rail transport industries face in maintaining and monitoring equipment wiring, as well as managing the accumulated length and the complexity of the cables. WiN MS services reduce the economic impact of electrical breakdowns and the consequences of cable theft.

“This first round funding is a strong indicator of our rapid growth. It will bolster our credibility,” said Arnaud Peltier, president of WiN MS. “With this money, we will be able to offer our innovative solutions to railway transport and airline companies around the world.”

Using the newly raised capital, WiN MS plans to accelerate its international commercial development. Its business has rapidly developed in France where it works alongside the major players in the French railway and aeronautics sectors. WiN MS also has clients in Europe and the Middle East. It is aiming to strengthen its presence in these markets and to develop its business in Asia, where the aeronautics market is booming. To help achieve this a marketing and commercial director and a business developer focused on aeronautics in the Middle East and Asia were hired at the beginning of this year. The company anticipates new international partnerships before the end of 2015.

“We are pleased to support WiN MS in its international development and to encourage French companies to target the global market,” said Thibaut de Roux, general director and co-founder of Generis Capital Partners. “The services provided by WiN MS address a real need in a rapidly expanding market.”

Innovative diagnostic tools helping to save several million euros in the railway and aeronautics sectors
In aeronautics maintenance, WiN MS offers a tool that helps locate breakdowns; reducing aircraft downtime. Grounded aircraft cost airlines between EUR 20,000 to EUR 1 million a day, depending on aircraft size and where they are parked. The tool developed by WiN MS cuts intervention time by 80 per cent. This increases the productivity of electrical maintenance and helps avoid the unnecessary replacement of components.

In the railway sector, cable theft plagues infrastructure management and operators. In 2011, SNCF in France estimated that cable theft results in 350,000 lost working hours every year. In France cable theft leads to a loss of almost EUR 30 million each year and 6,000 hours of train delays. Network Rail in Britain says that metal thieves cost the infrastructure company GBP 19 million (EUR 23.7 million) per year. Metal theft costs Europe’s railways hundreds of millions euros (source:

The WiN MS device allows the operator to locate remotely, in real time, a cut to a wire. For the infrastructure management company and the operator this means the line can be returned to service quickly and the police notified immediately. The system also acts as a deterrent to theft. The automatic notification device offered by WiN MS can be used on other wired infrastructure targeted by thieves such as motorways, tunnels or electric distribution.

About WiN MS
WiN MS offers a reduction in the risks resulting from malfunctions in wiring and network systems. It develops and sells immediate diagnostic tools for aeronautical maintenance and a monitoring device for wired infrastructures that combats cable theft. WiN MS is a spin-off of the CEA-LIST Institute. Its clients include the major airline companies and the key players in the railway system.
Founded in 2012 in Orsay, France, WiN MS was initially incubated at Incuballiance and has since joined Starbust Accelerator (Paris, France), the first aeronautics incubator in France. WiN MS is also supported by French partners Bpifrance, Scientipole, Ubifrance, and the COFACE for its R&D and export development.
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About CEA Investissement
Founded in 1999, with EUR 65 million under its management, CEA Investissement, a subsidiary of the CEA, is dedicated to the financing of hi-tech companies. Its investments are backed by two funds: the CEA Strategic Fund and the ATI Fund, underwritten by the CEA, Bpifrance through the national seeding fund FNA, EDF, SAFRAN and BIOMERIEUX.
Since its foundation, CEA Investissement has financed more than 50 start-ups in all the CEA’s areas of expertise: micro-electronics, life sciences, energy and the environment, as well as materials, instrumentation and industrial embedded equipment. CEA Investissement has team members in Grenoble and in Paris.

About Generis Capital Partners
Generis Capital is an asset management company based in Paris which invests in growth companies in Europe, in the form of capital or venture loans. With over forty years’ experience in private equity, Generis Capital’s associates have made more than 90 investments in Europe, the United States and Asia for a total managed capital of over EUR 810 million. Generis Capital manages the FIP Reseau Entreprendre, a socially responsible, revenue-sharing fund, the profits of which are invested in the public-interest association Reseau Entreprendre.

Transaction advisors:
Win-MS financial advisors: Box and Automation Solutions (B.A.S), Christophe Rouinsard
Win-MS legal advisors: SBKG, Aude le Tannou and Philippe Schmidt
Generis Capital legal advisors: PCJ and Associes, Julien Proffit
Accounting audit and financial advisors: Adwelsen, Florent Belliard
IP audit advisor: Severine Bengui