Gentlemen, Hands on your Checkbooks

A trio of fundraising scoops for you:

* First up is U.S. Venture Partners, which is in the midst of raising its tenth fund with a $600 million target. That’s the same amount it raised for its ninth fund in 2004. Only difference this time around might be some streamlining of upper firm management.

* Next up is Versant Ventures, which is just beginning to market its fourth fund with a $500 million target. The Menlo Park-based firm raised $400 million last time around, and focuses on healthcare-related companies.

* Finally we have The Riverside Company, which adds, adds-on to and sells portfolio companies as if private equity was a volume business (just kidding, sort of). The New York-based firm is targeting $1 billion for its latest general fund. The prior one capped out at $750 million in 2004. Riverside also manages a European and micro-cap fund.