Genzum gets backing from SG

SG‘s alternative investments division has increased its investment in pharmaceutical company GENZUM by up to $20 million with a portion of the investment reserved for additional growth capital. Dovi Frances, president of SG will join GENZUM’s board.


SG, LLC announced today that the firm’s Alternative Investments Division has increased its investment in GENZUM by up to $20MM, with a portion of the investment reserved for additional growth capital.

Dovi Frances, President of SG, LLC, will join GENZUM’s board.

“With a unique and scalable business model, significant partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies, and the solid leadership of CEO Chris Achar, COO Rajin Ahuja, and CSO Dr. Nehru Gaddipati, GENZUM provides a rare and valuable opportunity for SG to invest in a promising pharmaceutical company that is capable of massive growth,” said Frances.

The growth capital, which will allow GENZUM to expand their pipeline of generic pharmaceutical products, adds to the $258MM SG, LLC has already invested in capital markets, private equity, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and technology.

GENZUM’s CEO Chris Achar commented, “SG, LLC is a well-regarded firm that adds instant value to our business. Their significant resources, infrastructure and strategic synergies compliment well with our autonomy as a high-growth pharmaceutical company. With SG, LLC’s backing, GENZUM is better positioned to become a leader in the development, commercialization and out licensing of niche generic pharmaceutical products”.

About SG, LLC:

SG, LLC is a global advisory firm with offices in the United States, Russia, and Israel. SG, LLC provides high net-worth clients with unique solutions to their complex financial needs. Each of the firm’s divisions mirrors the five elements that encompass the financial ecosystem of a high net-worth client: Lending, Insurance, Operations, Alternative Investments, and Asset Management. To date, SG, LLC has facilitated over 940 Million USD in completed transactions through its Lending, Insurance, and Operations Divisions and has directly invested over 258 Million USD through its Alternative Investments and Asset Management Divisions.

About Genzum Life Sciences:

Genzum Life Sciences is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development, commercialization and out licensing of niche ANDA (generic) pharmaceutical products. Utilizing an innovative ecosystem of best in class facilities and expert pharmaceutical development and clinical trials capabilities, Genzum operates throughout the pharmaceutical development cycle. From product selection and formulation to clinical trials and FDA approval, Genzum product lines have been in-licensed by leading pharmaceutical companies; decreasing costs, increasing market value and improving the lives of many. Genzum is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA; with offices in New York, Chicago and India.