GGM High Growth IT Fund backs Slyde

SICAR has backed Slyde Holding through its sub-fund GGM High Growth IT Fund. Slyde is a product at the luxury end of the Swiss watchmaking market.


 SICAR (has invested CHF 700,000 series A investment in Slyde Holding S.A., the manufacturer of Slyde (, through its sub-fund GGM High Growth IT Fund.

Slyde is a product at the luxury end of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. By unifying the finest materials with an intern platform, SLYDE is a day-to-day timepiece that represents the latest innovations, performance and exclusivity.

The capital raised will be used to accelerate the commercial development as well as to fund future models.

Alain Nicod, Chairman at Slyde Holding S.A. commented: “We are delighted to welcome GGM Venture Capital, a leading tech focused fund, as a new partner in this venture. During the last couple of years, we have been successful in developing a quality product with proven market traction and positioning ourselves in this now sought-after segment. With such commitment, which goes beyond a simple equity investment, we will be able to consolidate our market position and take the company to the next level.”

Guillermo G. Morales López, Chairman of GGM Capital, added: “We are proud to invest in Slyde, a one-of-a-kind corporation which impressed us with the quality of its products as well as the growth the company has experienced in its short history. We are now actively committed to making Slyde stronger and an undisputed leader in its market.”

GGM Capital

GGM Capital, a Luxembourg-based advisory and asset management firm, offers a unique platform of investment banking services. The GGM High Growth IT Fund is a Venture Capital Fund established to achieve a medium-term capital appreciation through a portfolio of investments in European early-stage and growth capital companies developing technology-enabled and IT-centric business services.