Giving Doc His Due

Lots of emails this morning asking if I’ll give Doc his due after last night’s performance. For the uninitiated, I’ve been asking the Celtics to fire Mr. Rivers for the past three years. In fact, I once concluded a Buyouts Symposium speech by exhorting the audience to refrain from asking the next speaker — Bain Capital partner and Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca — any private equity questions. Ins, in favor of “Why won’t you can Doc?”

If the Celtics were a Bain portfolio company, I argued, Rivers would have hit the chopping block many moons ago.

But perhaps patience has paid off. Yes, that means I’m showing the man some love.

Maybe the best game he’s ever coached. Almost no Cassell, lots of Eddie House (maybe now he’ll want to stick around next year), keeping Ray Allen on the court all game and putting Pierce (the league’s real MVP this year) on Kobe.

I’ve thought all season and playoffs that the team has excelled in spite of their coach, but last night was Doc’s breakout performance. Here’s to hoping he’s got one more in him.