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Global Agora’s USM merges with Keller Network

LA-based digital advertising agency Union Square Media is merging with The Keller Network. Unon Square Media is backed by seed stage venture capital fund Global Agora.


Union Square Media (USM), a leading digital advertising agency based in Los Angeles, made another move today to secure its leadership position in the online advertising niche it pioneered. USM, which specializes in the development and operation of customer acquisition technologies and solutions, is growing their team of industry veterans by merging with The Keller Network.
“With many existing capable technologies, a key component of our growth strategy is the gathering of human capital, the most knowledgeable and talented minds in the industry who know how to manage advertising technologies most effectively to meet our clients’ objectives”, said Nick Matzorkis, founding partner of Union Square Media’s parent company, Global Agora, LLC. Matzorkis continues, “by merging The Keller Network into Union Square Media, we not only gain a proven, fast-growing, sustainable and profitable business model, but also add to our treasure trove of human talent that can be leveraged on a larger scale”.
Union Square Media is projecting its 8-digit 2011 gross revenues to double in 2012. TKN founder, Joshua Keller, has been named president of Union Square Media to pursue its growth strategy. Mr. Keller states, “By integrating agency functionality with publishing capabilities in-house, inherent inefficiencies of the former digital advertising space are eliminated. Campaigns cost less to produce and are necessarily successful, or they would not have made it through the development process. This efficiency allows USM to absorb more of the risk while increasing client ROI. Combined with a well executed acquisition strategy and synergies within its parent company, Global Agora, USM is positioned for significant growth in the coming years”.
About The Keller Network:
The Keller Network (TKN) works with leading brands and agencies, executing custom customer acquisition and lead generation across the US and UK. TKN supports a growing team of over 30 people.
About Global Agora:
Global Agora (“GA”) is a seed stage venture capital fund. GA launches its own companies, invests in start-ups and in early stage companies with investments ranging from $100,000 to $5,000,000. Its portfolio includes Union Square Media, Coupon Deals Daily, SUP ATX, Coupon Mailroom & Women’s Daily Discounts.