Global VC Survey

Venture investors around the globe have similar impressions about which countries are the most technologically innovative. They also share the sense that the rest of the world is catching up to the U.S., according a March NVCA/Deloitte survey of 398 VCs whose findings were released today.

While the U.S. was seen by respondents as the leader in every technology field about which they were asked, from telecommunications to clean technologies to semiconductors, other countries have clearly established reputations around their own strengths. Twenty percent of the survey’s respondents said that they believe India is the world’s leader in software innovation, for example, while 21 percent said Germany has the most expertise in clean tech, thanks largely to its public policies, which promote the advancement of alternative energy technologies.

Interestingly, American VCs think a lot more of this country’s clean tech efforts than the rest of the world. While a full 46 percent of U.S. VCs listed the U.S. at the forefront of clean tech investing, just 35 percent of non U.S. investors agreed.

Of the respondents, 41 percent were from the U.S., 20 percent were from Asia Pacific, and 19 percent were European. The Americas, Israel, and the U.K. had smaller numbers of respondents.

Here is the actual survey: GlobalVCSurvey.pdf