Globalturk Capital Backs Growing SMEs

Globalturk Capital is collaborating with the US-based Small Enterprise Assistance Fund to start exploring investment opportunities in the Turkish market and for Turkish companies who have growth strategies in and beyond Turkey. Investment style is a combination of equity and loan in the range of $1 to $7 million.


Globalturk Capital proudly announces its collaboration with U.S. based Small Enterprise Assistance Fund (“SEAF”) to start exploring investment opportunities exclusively in the Turkish Market and for Turkish companies who have growth strategies in and beyond Turkey. Primary objective would be companies who adopt niche but proven technologies in their business models. Investment style is a combination of equity and loan, where equity portions per investment is typically in the range of $1-$7 million.

SEAF, founded in 1989, is the largest U.S. emerging markets early stage private equity fund with a specific focus to investing in SMEs with $740 million under management in emerging markets. It has a network of 28 offices in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia. SEAF funds include Sichuan-China, India, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Central and Eastern Europe and South America.

SEAF’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Bert van der Vaarthas joined the Advisory Board of Globalturk Capital to initiate the first stage of the collaboration, whereas Baris Oney has been assigned as the Investment Committee Member to SEAF’s Caucasus Growth Fund and the Central and Eastern European ICT Fund. Further, he represents SEAF in their setting-up a “Turkish-Balkans-MENA” Growth Fund initiative.

Starting in 2013, SEAF is planning to actively search for investment opportunities in the Turkish SME market which comprises 70% of the Turkish private sector, through Globalturk Capital as their venture partner. Besides providing funding and corporate governance assistance, Globalturk Capital and SEAF will provide a global channel for Turkish SMEs to facilitate their business development in countries from Americas to Asia. Baris Oney, Founder and Managing Partner of Globalturk Capital said “with SEAF we shall be targeting an untapped market to date by private equity investors, where serious institutional money shall be investing selectively in Turkey’s top SMEs who have growth ambitions not only in but beyond Turkey.”

For Information:

ABOUT GLOBALTURK CAPITAL: Globalturk Capital is a Pre & Post Investment Management and Advisory Services Firm, assisting and managing investments coming into and going out of Turkey. We provide our services to both foreign strategic/private equity investors and Turkish Entrepreneurs, by acting as their true glo-cal partners in their investments and growth respectively. For foreign direct investors, among other things, our specialty is that we coordinate, assist and/or manage their current and prospective investments in Turkey, by aligning our interests with them as their glo-cal hands-on and unique investment partner in the country. Our main goal is to assist them in their post investment period by taking active hands-on roles at the board levels on behalf of them, with a professional yet candid approach towards their local partners. We work to eliminate the miscommunication and business issues starting from the pre investment period, which might potentially pose problems between the partners during the post investment period; or whenever during the life of their partnership. For Turkish Entrepreneurs, as their glo-cal hands-on and long term partner, we work with them on the overall strategy for their companies, develop detailed business plans, identify required resources and funding needs going forward and prepare their companies to raise capital or partner with investors. We then assist them during the capital raising and/or M&A transactions, strategic business development efforts, setting-up corporate governance and reporting structures as well as international expansion projects. We continue to work with them during the post-capital raising/partnership period to assist them during the life of the partnership.

ABOUT SEAF: SEAF is a Global fund management group founded in 1989, with for profit management companies as subsidiaries. SEAF invests growth capital and provides technical assistance to SMEs in emerging markets, as well as operating CEED, the Center for Entrepreneurial and Executive Development ( SEAF, headquartered in Washington D.C., also engages in thought leadership and manages business plan contests. Today, SEAF operates with 140 employees with a network of 25 offices located across 5 continents. SEAF manages 28 funds across 30 countries with aggregate committed capital of $740 million.