Goode Partners Backs Dave’s Killer Bread

Goode Partners led a growth investment in Portland, Ore.-based Dave’s Killer Bread. The money will be used for expansion. Dave’s Killer Bread sells its bread and products at supermarkets in 11 western states. Meriwether Group and Cascadia Capital advised the company.

Meriwether Group, a business acceleration firm and trusted advisor, in partnership with Cascadia Capital, a diversified, boutique investment bank serving both private and public growth companies around the globe, today announced it provided strategic counsel to Portland, Ore.-based Dave’s Killer Bread through its recent growth equity financing. The investment was led by Goode Partners (Goode), a private equity firm specializing in growth investments in the branded consumer products sectors. Guided by the experience of Meriwether and Cascadia, which work with top-tier Pacific Northwest consumer brands, the investment will accelerate the expansion and growth of Dave’s Killer Bread, while preserving its core values around social responsibility and equal opportunity, and commitment to its Portland roots.

“We sold the very first loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread at the Portland Farmer’s Market seven years ago, and this community has supported us ever since,” said Dave Dahl, co-founder and president of Dave’s Killer Bread. “Every time we’ve brought our bread to a new store or a new state, Portlanders have celebrated our success with us, and have ultimately helped us to realize our vision of changing the world, one loaf of bread at a time. Meriwether and Cascadia understand how important our culture and values are to us, and helped find a partner that will help preserve it as we continue to grow.”

Dave’s Killer Bread has grown into an immensely successful brand sold at supermarkets in 11 western states including Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado. The company also donates more than 325,000 loaves each year to organizations within the local Portland community, including the Sunshine Division, the Portland Rescue Mission and Meals on Wheels, and supports organizations that help transform people’s lives, including Project Pooch and Living Yoga. In addition to its charitable initiatives, Dave’s Killer Bread provides equal job opportunities for former inmates, a cause close to Dave’s heart after the nearly 15 years he spent in prison. According to the terms of the investment from Goode, Dave’s Killer Bread will retain control over its hiring practices – in addition to product development and philanthropic efforts – enabling Dahl and the company to give others the same opportunity for a new start that the business gave to him.

“Dave’s Killer Bread is one of Portland’s most beloved, iconic brands, and is representative of a growing number of companies in the region whose core identity is heavily tied to things like community and social, economic and environmental responsibility,” said David Howitt, founder and CEO of Meriwether Group. “The successful partnership between Goode and Dave’s Killer Bread is an immense validation of the company’s authentic, community-oriented business model, and will provide the capital necessary to continue driving the company’s growth and success for years to come.”

“This transaction is a meaningful example of the opportunity that exists for Pacific Northwest consumer brands to access growth capital from outside the region, without requiring them to dilute or sacrifice their local identity and foundational values,” said Christian Schiller, managing director of Cascadia Capital’s Middle Market Practice. “It also showcases Cascadia’s deep understanding of the forces driving growth of consumer brands in the Pacific Northwest, and our holistic approach to investment banking that balances strong liquidity outcomes while also preserving our clients’ core values and goals.”

The deal is the latest in a series of transactions guided by Meriwether and Cascadia that demonstrate a commitment to bringing growth capital to consumer brands in the region, while maintaining corporate culture and local operations, including KLIM’s acquisition by Polaris Industries and the management team buyout of local restaurant chain Laughing Planet.

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