Hang Ten…Million?

Word is, interesting deals are hard to come by these days. Here’s one off the beaten path:

In its June issue, Fortune Small Business writes about San Diego-based Uli Corp., which makes a product so smart, it’s hard to believe it hasn’t existed for years: a functional, lightweight, foldable surfboard that fits into an oversize backpack. The boards are made with the same triple-composite material used for inflatable military boats, weigh 16 pounds, and they inflate with a simple, small hand pump.

According to FSB, the company’s sales of the boards, which retail for $1,350, are still pretty modest: $380K last year. But considering how hot extreme surfing has become (according to the most recent data available from the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, the surf retail market grew to $7.48 billion in 2006 from $6.5 billion in 2004, a 14.5 percent jump), and what a pain it is to travel with a board, it’s probably a good bet that the company has a lot of room for growth.

Just a thought for that “other” basket. Learn more at uliboard.com