Have The Cerberus Layoffs Begun?

Updated after jump Weekend reports suggested that Cerberus Capital Management was prepping layoffs of up to 10% of its staff, and now there are indications that the axeman has cometh.

Emails sent today to three members of Dymas Capital, a Cerberus lending affiliate, bounced back with the following message:

You have reached a non-working email address at Dymas Capital Management Company, LLC. If you need additional assistance, please call our Main Number at 212-891-2100. Please be advised that this email has not been received by your intended recipient.

Among the bouncebacks were senior director Daniel Lee, senior director Tim Davitt and director Douglas Goodwillie. I want to emphasize that these departures may be totally unrelated to the Cerberus layoff reports (forming a new firm?), but that would be one heck of a coincidence. Moreover, I’ve also learned that Neal Ganguli is no longer with Cerberus Operations, which he joined in late 2007 as a vice president. He had previously been with AlixPartners.

A Cerberus spokeswoman declined comment, while Dymas co-founder Andy Marek did not return a voicemail message left by peHUB.

Thursday Update: Dymas has updated its website to reflect the layoffs. In addition to the above names, the firm has also said goodbye to senior director Chris O’Donnell, assistant vice presidents Jon Huitink, Colette Hastings Featherly and Kim VanCleef, and associates John Chalus, Tim Derry and Conor O’Keiff. That’s ten total layoffs, with seven staffers remaining (including all three managing directors).