HealthEdge invests in Anodyne

HealthEdge Investment Partners has made an investment in Anodyne, a provider of lifestyle-oriented clinical footwear solutions for diabetic patients.

HealthEdge Investment Partners has made an investment in Anodyne, a provider of lifestyle-oriented clinical footwear solutions for diabetic patients. No financial terms were disclosed.


TAMPA, Fla., April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HealthEdge Investment Partners, LLC (“HealthEdge”), a healthcare focused private equity fund, announced today that it has completed an investment in Anodyne, LLC (“Anodyne”), a leading provider of lifestyle-oriented clinical footwear solutions most commonly prescribed for diabetic patients.

Anodyne was founded in 2015 by a group of industry executives who set out to reimagine the diabetic footwear market and establish a new, leading brand—one that would offer patients a variety of modern and stylish shoe selections and suppliers an unmatched service experience. Over the past seven years, the market has responded enthusiastically to Anodyne’s innovative and contemporary approach.

HealthEdge completes investment in Anodyne, leading provider of lifestyle-oriented clinical footwear for diabetics

Today, Anodyne’s shoes are known for their market-leading style, function, and comfort. Anodyne supports its diabetic shoe offering with a line of shoe inserts and custom orthotics, which are manufactured at the company’s in-house fabrication facility in Milwaukee.
Diabetics are at a significantly increased risk for diabetic foot ulcers, which can often lead to lower limb amputations and even death. The use of diabetic footwear has been shown to reduce the incidence of diabetic foot ulcers, but a lack of contemporary shoe selections has historically resulted in low patient adherence. Anodyne’s improved shoe designs are addressing this issue by providing diabetic patients with footwear options that appeal to their individual comfort needs and style desires.

HealthEdge Partner Scott Heberlein commented, “Diabetic foot complications represent a significant medical risk to the growing diabetic population. A risk that can be drastically mitigated by the proper application of therapeutic footwear. It is exciting to see how a relatively low-cost intervention can have such a meaningful impact on improved patient outcomes. We look forward to partnering with the Anodyne team to expand the reach of this important preventative product.” Bobby Kanter, Anodyne’s Co-Founder and CEO, added, “Anodyne was founded with a vision of being the absolute best. We’ve been relentless in our pursuit to offer at-risk, diabetic patients the most stylish and comfortable footwear available, and offer footcare providers the utmost level of service and support in fitting and dispensing these limb-saving devices. The reception from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive and we are looking forward to accelerating the growth of our brand with HealthEdge’s support.”

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