Helion Ventures leads $5 mln funding in Workspot

Helion Ventures has led a $5 million funding round in Workspot, a cloud-based provider of workspace applications. Other participants in the funding include Translink Capital and Qualcomm Ventures.

Press Release

Workspot (workspot.com), the leading cloud-based provider of mobile workspace solutions, announced today that it has raised $5M from a network of investors. The funding is led by Helion Ventures along with Translink Capital and Qualcomm Inc., through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures. The funding will be used to advance Workspot’s powerful technology even more and expand their marketing initiatives. The 100% cloud based solution offers remote access to business apps and data through a single, streamlined application on Windows, iOS, Android and the newest addition, Mac. With Workspot, employees have complete enterprise mobility, giving them access to applications and files from personal computers and mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

“Workspot is solving a problem that the modern workplace faces: How to manage and secure a multi device workforce,” said Ashish Gupta, senior managing director at Helion Ventures. “The workplace is becoming more flexible – employees are checking their work emails on their personal phones and laptops and they have more flexibility when it comes to working remotely. Workspot’s cloud based solution allows IT administrators to instantly beam applications and files to employees no matter where they are. Unlike other similar solutions on the market, set up is quick and hassle free for both the IT administrator and the end-user. Users can receive remote access to their work applications on the Mac, iOS, Android or Windows within one hour. Workspot allows employees to continue using their personal devices for work while taking the stress out of the IT department.”

The funding comes at a time when Workspot is rapidly expanding it’s Workspace as a Service solution to support every type of device: Android, Windows, iPhone and the latest addition, Mac. Workspot provides a single client with a frictionless end-user experience. Employees begin by simply opening up the Workpoint client on their personal device and entering their PIN. After login, the employee is presented with their virtual desktop – a single, beautiful interface where they can access all business applications and files. Workspot’s solution combines VPN, app, data and browsing for the end-user, allowing employees secure frictionless access to their work from anywhere.

“The launch of our Mac application marks a major gain in enterprise mobility and Workspot’s goal to offer a complete and secure remote workspace on any device for employees,” said Amitabh Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Workspot. “Mac usage is growing both at home and at work, and our application allows users to access their business applications and files regardless of device or operating system. In fact, U.S. Mac sales grew over 18% year over year and with the anticipated arrival of the latest Macbook, that statistic will only get stronger. It is crucial that we made our service available on Mac in order to match this growing statistic.”
Key Features of Workspot:

Single Client on Any Device: The workspace client is available on Windows, iOS, Android and now Mac devices.
60-Minute Setup: IT can set up remote access to their applications in one hour with Workspot’s streamlined setup and integration process.
IT Infrastructure, Reinvented: Roll out applications securely and quickly to employees on any device with Workspot’s 100% cloud-based solution, without the pain of deploying anything on-premise or moving anything to a cloud.
Single Pane of Glass Solution: IT can securely deliver and manage any application to any device using Workspot’s single pane of glass management interface.

To learn more about Workspot Enterprise, please visit workspot.com.

Correction: A previous version of this report used the wrong name for Workspot in the headline. The report has been updated.