Holiday Happenings

Greetings from Kennebunkport, where I spent an entire day avoiding my laptop like it was a rabid lobster (I know they don’t exist, but you’d avoid them if they did). Anyway, two major developments today — and I’d be remiss if peHUB ignored them until after the 4th:

KKR has filed for a $1.25 billion IPO, with plans to trade on the NYSE under ticker symbol KKR (natch). Here is the filing.

Not to be overshadowed, The Blackstone Group has agreed to buy Hilton Hotels for $26 billion. The $47.50 per share offer represents a 40% premium to yesterday’s closing price.

Ok, back to vacation (save for a Friday morning CNBC appearance). Next stop: Joshua’s Restaurant for a nightcap. Or maybe a double nightcap…