Home Depot Snaps up BlackLocus

BlackLocus, the Texas-based pricing-as-a-service company, has been acquired by Georgia-based home improvement retailer Home Depot. Specifics of the transaction were not disclosed.


BlackLocus is now part of Home Depot!
Posted by Rodrigo Carvalho – December 17, 2012
We have some big and happy news to announce: BlackLocus has just been acquired by The Home Depot!
Our passion for data-driven decision making led us to start BlackLocus a few years ago. We wanted to create the next version of business intelligence software for retailers. We wanted to mix internal data with public data. We wanted to turn large and complex data sets into simple and intuitive interfaces. We wanted to make it all actionable! Our vision has always been to allow retailers to extract value out of the vast, and ever growing, amount of information that exists today.
It was a challenging journey to go from vision to product. Our engineering team was faced with a multitude of very difficult technical challenges, and over the last year we created some disruptive innovations that enabled our business to soar. Solving those problems through technical and research innovation was part of the fun.
However, what we have done to date is just the beginning. We are extremely impressed by the caliber of the Home Depot team. Their vision is ambitious. Their passion is motivating.
The merger will allow us to continue pursuing our vision for, and with the support of, one of the largest retailers in the world.
BlackLocus is now The Home Depot’s Innovation Lab in Austin, TX!
Thank you so much for all your support. We couldn’t be more thrilled.
Rodrigo Carvalho & Lukas Bouvrie