In Memoriam: Robert Whiddon

Robert Whiddon, editor-in-chief of Employee Benefit Advisor, passed away last Thursday, at the age of 35.

For anyone who knew Robert, this is just a damn shame. Tragic. Particularly for his wife Joy and sons Judah and Canfield.

Robert was part of Thomson Financial when I first joined it, 10 years ago last month. We each were working on structured finance newsletters, which required extremely long Thursday nights (press night) and short Fridays that were occasionally puncuated by pickup basketball games.

He was kind, goofy and very good at his job. Robert also was the person who told me of a job opening with PE Week, an opening that would eventually lead to the creation of peHUB. After moving from New York to WAshington DC, Robert would become king of those pesky Form D filings, back when you actually had to sit in the SEC reference room and root through piles of muck to find the gems.

Robert’s current bosses at SourceMedia wrote the following, in an email: “Robert’s passing is a loss for us all. Those who knew him know that Robert aimed, and reached, high. He was a passionate editor, full of ideas, and a deeply engaged colleague – a journalist who pursued excellence, not merely for EBA, but for the whole company.”

Rest in peace Robert, although it came way too soon…