Influence Peddlers

Time Magazine might not consider George Bush to be one of the world’s 100 most influential people, but it does give spots to both buyout titan Steve Schwarzman (Blackstone Group) and venture capital god Mike Moritz (Sequoia Capital).

Time uses Schwarzman as a proxy for the entire leveraged buyout industry, which it describes as “a force that is remaking corporate America and spreading its influence overseas.” After all, Schwarzman hasn’t really done much more (or less) to remake corporate America than has Henry Kravis, David Bonderman, David Rubenstein, etc. He did have the most public birthday party, however, and Time apparently thought it would make for a good lead paragraph.

Moritz, on the other hand, is on the list to represent nothing beyond himself. Not even his firm. The profile is written by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, who begins: “Many people see Mike as a loner. I think it’s because he’s ahead of everyone else.”