Interview Rocket Lands Seed Funding

Interview Rocket Ltd., a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based developer of an online job candidate screening tool, has raised C$250,000 in seed-stage funding. The investment will allow the company to accelerate the development of new features and implement a marketing strategy. Backers include First Angel Network, Cabot Technology Solutions and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.  


Interview Rocket Secures more than $250K in Seed FundingFinancing will fuel further development of the world’s most comprehensive online recruitment tool,

HALIFAX, Feb. 5, 2013 /CNW/ – Interview Rocket Ltd., developer of an online Software-as-a-Service job candidate screening tool, today announced it has secured more than $250,000 in seed funding from various sources, including the First Angel Network, Cabot Technology Solutions and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The funding will allow Interview Rocket to accelerate the development of new features and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Interview Rocket combines video recording technology with an easy-to-use online interface that allows recruiters to screen candidates up to 10 times faster than using traditional methods while increasing confidence the right person is hired for the job. On average Interview Rocket clients save $6 on wages and associated hiring costs for every $1 they spend using the online recruitment tool.

By using, first-round telephone interviews are replaced with a secure, highly-customized, online interview that is recorded by webcam and distributed to preselected reviewers. This format creates a consistent interview experience and eliminates the need to trade voicemail messages, schedule interviews, work around time zones or convene a costly interview panel.

“Interview Rocket was custom-built to bridge the gap between the time-crunched Human Resources professional and that perfect applicant who may not be local or might not have the opportunity or money to participate in the interview process otherwise,” says Craig Brown, founder of Interview Rocket. “With this technology we successfully and efficiently marry the needs of both groups; this results in a roster of excellent candidates that can translate to satisfied employees with a good corporate fit. We have a string of exciting new features we are working on that will make our process even easier and more convenient for a broader range of job-seekers and employers. We are thrilled to be able to bring these to market faster than we could have without this investment.”

“The funding we have received has allowed us to pursue opportunities in other industries as well”, Brown adds. “We have been approached by a number of organizations in various industries looking for schedule independent video interviewing solutions. It turns out that video interviewing is not just for recruiters.”

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