Intrinsity Raises $31.5 Million


Intrinsity Inc., an Austin, Texas-based provider of high-speed, low-power embedded processor cores, has raised $31.5 million in Series E funding. New backers included Goldman Sachs, Altitude Capital Partners and Northwater Capital Management. Returning shareholders included Adams Capital Management and The Hillman Company. Intrinsity previously had raised over $50 million.



Intrinsity Inc., a pioneer and leader in high-speed, low-power embedded processor cores, announced today it has completed $31.5 million in Series E financing. Adams Capital Management, Altitude Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs, The Hillman Company, and Northwater Capital Management co-led the round. The additional funding will allow the company to further augment its family of FastCore� embedded processor cores based on the ARM� and Power� architectures, as well as expand a series of technical initiatives targeted at improving designer productivity and advancing innovative new low-power technology research.

“We are very pleased to note new participation by Goldman Sachs, Altitude Capital Partners and Northwater Capital Management, as well as additional funding from original investors Adams Capital Management and The Hillman Company in this new financing round,” said Bob Russo, president and CEO of Intrinsity. “This financing is an important endorsement of the value Intrinsity delivers to our partners and reflects the success of our Fast14� and FastCore technologies in producing groundbreaking high-speed, low-power embedded cores designs for the semiconductor industry.”

“We are delighted to join the existing investors in backing Bob Russo and his great technical team,” said Rob Kramer, Managing Partner of Altitude Capital Partners. “Our belief is that the existing intellectual property and technical ‘know-how’ create a true competitive advantage for Intrinsity and its customers.”

Intrinsity, based in Austin, TX, has more than one hundred employees and has received more than 85 patents pertaining to its unique Fast14 circuit technology and design methodology, with which it develops ultra-high speed and low-power enhancements of popular embedded processor cores.

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About Intrinsity

Intrinsity, Inc. is a design technology company that provides the designs, tools, technologies, and expertise so its customers can efficiently and predictably produce high performance, low-power and cost-effective products. Intrinsity’s proprietary Fast14 technology is used to create FastCore embedded cores, which provide not only circuit speeds of up to and beyond 3 GHz, but also the means to trade-off speed, power and area to achieve the optimal solution to customer design targets. Fast14 technology includes a combination of process specific libraries, a specification language and a set of tools that help automate the design flow. Intrinsity’s corporate headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.